Tanushree Dutta Biography

Born on 19th March 1985, the Bengali beauty Tanushree Dutta is the latest heartthrob of Indian Film fans and a hot Bollywood property. She was born and raised in Jamshedpur and she graduated in Communications from Pune, Maharashtra. Tanushree is a rare combination of charms, beauty, charisma and a hot body which she is not afraid to show on screen. Tanushree is one of the most desired young actresses of Bollywood today.

Initially very shy and introverted Tanushree found herself and gained confidence while in Pune. It was this new found confidence that made her participate in Miss India pageant consecutively in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Though success eluded her the first two times she was crowned Miss Confidence in 2004 along with Miss Beautiful Smile and the coveted Miss India crown. She went to participate in Miss World and ended up amongst the 10 ten finalists.

Her career started when she bagged a role in Chocolate along with the Bollywood megastar Anil Kapoor. The movie did OK at the box office and Tanushree’s work was appreciated. She further went on to star in the hit film Aashiq Banaya Aapne. The movie made her a sensation in Bollywood. Her hot and sizzling role established her as a sex bomb of Bollywood. Though she might have kissed on screen she says she does not feel comfortable about it.

When not working, she is a a very lazy person, loves taking a long bath, treats herself to a 7 course meal, take an afternoon nap, wake up have dinner or go to a movie. She is not afraid to wear swimsuits.

Tanushree is currently working for a lot of future releases. She has a long list of upcoming movies which include Rokda, Raqeeb, Mr. Fraud etc. Her career has just begun and the road ahead of her is long and tough but she is determined to make it to the top and reach her goal.

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