Kareena Kapoor apprehensive about her bare back scene

After giving some steamy scenes in ‘Kambakth Ishq’, Kareena Kapoor has also shot some intimate scenes in director Rensil D’Silva’s film ‘Qurbaan’ where she stars opposite Saif Ali Khan. Apparently, there is one scene in the film where she makes passionate love to Chhote Nawab and has loads of exposing including her bare back. But now, Kareena is apprehensive about the scene as she is nervous what her parents and would be in-laws might think about it. So the actress hopes to bring it up with director Rensil D’Silva and producer Karan Johar before the film’s final print is ready and get it chopped off.

Kareena says, “We are actors and can’t be coy after accepting a film on a bold subject like Qurbaan. I’ve done kissing scenes earlier. But the love-making scene is explicit by my yardstick. It comes at a crucial stage in the narration. And Saif made sure I was comfortable.”
Sorry guys! No more bare back scenes from Kareena Kapoor!

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