‘Love Aaj Kal’ runs into problems with Sikh community

These days it has become a routine for some sort of controversy to crop up with some religious community just before the release of a much awaited film. The same has happened with Saif Ali Khan’s home production, ‘Love Aaj Kal’ set to release of July 31.

Charanjeet Sapra, President, Punjabi Cultural and Heritage Board, said that the members of the Sikh community are raising an objection to the trimmed beard that Saif sports in the film along with a few romantic scenes set in the Gurudwara. But Saif is not the one to turn away his face to the problems. He, along with his production team, held a special screening of the film for members of the Sikh community.

“We decided to have this special screening for them because we feel that they are representatives of a larger community. We didn’t want to offend anybody,” said Imtiaz Ali, Director.

Sapra has said that they would inform the filmmakers about their view by Friday over the issue, but Saif feels that he already has won their hearts. He says, “I think they liked the film. They will let us know by Friday.”

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