Ajay Devgan’s generous gift to Bipasha Basu

How far could a producer go in taking care of the wishes of the leading lady of his film? Well, he could at least gift a new mobile phone. This is exactly what producer Ajay Devgan has done for Bipasha Basu who has just finished shooting for Ajay Devgan’s comedy ‘All The Best’ in Goa this week.
Bipasha had worked really hard with most sincere efforts for Ajay’s film. She not only worked late at night and early in the mornings, she also kept the phone switched off during the shooting thus cutting off from everyone including beau John Abraham who has hurt his legs. Bipasha also agreed to do an additional role in ‘All The Best’ without extra charges. When Ajay came to know that Bips wanted a Blackberry phone, he thought it would be just the right move to show his appreciation for her dedication.
Says the actress, “Yeah, Ajay knew I wanted it. In fact it was he who got me interested in. It is actually a gift in appreciation for working long hours and changing at lightning speed between shots when we had loads of work to finish. Ajay is a fabulous producer and co-star.”
Bipasha is all ga-ga for her new phone and says, “I love it! I’m going totally crazy with it. Though I’ve no numbers on it and am trying to figure it out, I just can’t get enough of it.”

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