List of Top 10 Hollywood Actress

Angelina Jolie:

Exceedingly beautiful Angelina Jolie is the finest actress that Hollywood has ever seen. Angelina is a born actress having inherited her acting talents from her parents - Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand. Angelina Jolie's stunning performances in several Hollywood movies won her critical acclaim and applause including many awards and honors. She has so far appeared in over 40 Hollywood movies, many of them big blockbuster hits. Angelina won an Oscar for her critically acclaimed performance in the "Girl, Interrupted" [1999] and also received an Oscar nomination for her scintillating performance in "Changeling" [2008]. In 2005
Angelina Jolie starred in the romantic- action movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" along with her real life partner Brad Pitt. "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" marked the beginning of their relationship, which attracted the media blitzkrieg so much so that they came to be known around the world as 'Brangelina'. Angelina's strikingly sensuous beauty, her serene beaming eyes, her amazing acting talents and the way she breathes life into roles she plays have all made her the #1 actress in Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston, the charming Hollywood actress is also a truly gifted comedienne, whose comedic performance in the television sitcom "Friends" [1994 to 2004] as 'Rachel Green' had put her on the pedestal of stardom and fame. Her performances in several big blockbuster movies such as "The Good Girl" [2002], "Bruce Almighty" [2003], "Marley & Me" [2008], "He's Just Not That into You" [2009] to name a few have been critically hailed by film critics. Jennifer Aniston who ranked #1 on Forbes Global Celebrity 100 List in 2003 has since been retaining her top ranking slot.
Jennifer combines her beauty and acting talents with such ease that upcoming young Hollywood actresses feel jittery and threatened by her awesome presence in Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston who earned the love, affection and adulation of billions of fans with her blockbuster performances is today ranks #2 on our list of Top Ten Hollywood actresses.
Hot Jennifer Aniston who is endowed with natural beauty that has magnetic appeal has taken Hollywood by storm with her immense acting talents.

 Scarlett Johansson who sets millions of hearts aflutter with her stunning beauty is a magnificent Hollywood actress. Mapping her movie career in Hollywood from "North" [1994] to her latest movie the "Iron Man 2" Scarlett Johansson has come a long way reaching the topmost slot in Hollywood movies. Scarlett Johansson won many awards, honors, accolades and applause for her immense acting talents. Weaving magic on screen with her brilliant acting talents, Johansson rendered blockbuster performances in several of her Hollywood movies. Movies like "The Horse Whisperer" [1998], "Ghost World" [2001], "Girl with a Pearl Earring" [2003], "Lost in Translation" [2003], "Match Point" [2005] and other hit movies have all catapulted her to fame and stardom in Hollywood. She is truly a class act that Hollywood has ever seen. Scarlett Johansson the hot Hollywood actress, who possesses the ability to blend her incredible acting talents with that of her sublime beauty today, tops the list of our Top Ten Hollywood actresses ranking at #3. 

Reese Witherspoon – the amazing blockbuster performer:  
 Reese Witherspoon, the stunning Hollywood actress has come a long way from brilliantly displaying her girlish charms in her debut movie "The Man in the Moon" [1991] to winning an Oscar for "Walk the Line" [2005]. Reese Witherspoon combines innocence and versatility with plenty of wit to churn out astonishing performances that captivates the movie audiences in utter amazement. Her performances in Hollywood movies "Freeway" [1996], "Pleasantville" [1998], "Cruel Intentions" and "Election" [both 1999] have won rave reviews from the critics. While movies like "Legally Blonde" [2001] and "Sweet Home Alabama" [2003] have stood her out as an actress par excellence who can deliver the biggest blockbuster hits. Her crowning glory came when she walked away with an Oscar for her awesome performance in a biopic movie "Walk the Line" [2005] which is based on the life of a US country singer Johnny Cash. Hot Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon has thus proved beyond doubt that she single-handedly is capable of headlining a series of major box-office hits. It isn't a surprise, if Reese Witherspoon the hot Hollywood actress finds a slot on our Top 10 Hollywood actresses with a ranking at #4.

Megan Fox – a blend of beauty and acting talents:
 Megan Fox, the beautiful Hollywood actress, who dreamt of becoming an actress is today one of the most highly rated successful actresses in Hollywood. From small beginnings on television with recurring roles in "Ocean Ave" and "Hope & Faith" hot Megan Fox transformed herself into a big Hollywood actress with a breakout role in a sci-fi movie "Transformers" [2007]. The movie became one of the biggest hits catapulting Megan Fox into a big league of Top Hollywood actresses. Megan Fox followed it up with her versatile performances in "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" [2008] and a supernatural-comedy thriller "Jennifer's Body" [2009]. Going great guns, this wonderful Hollywood actress Megan Fox is headlining a series of blockbuster performances in the years to come. Her popularity on television complemented by her Hollywood fame, Megan Fox is today become the hottest Hollywood actress with several hit movies to her credit. Ranked #2 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2009 list, Megan Fox, her magnetic appeal, her sensuous charms, her versatile acting talents have all earned her the #5 rankings on the list of our Top Ten Hollywood actresses.

Nicole Kidman – the elegant beauty:

Nicole Kidman, the elegant American-born Australian actress shot to fame as the finest Hollywood actress with her terrific performance in several Hollywood movies. From performing a sheep's bleat in her elementary school to her debut movie "Bush Christmas [1983] to Oscar-winning movie "The Hours" [2002], it was indeed a long journey in Hollywood for this stunningly beautiful actress. Above all, Nicole Kidman became the first Australian actress to walk away with Oscar honors - one receiving a nomination for her brilliant performance in "Moulin Rouge" [2001] while the other a win for her excellent portrayal of a novelist Virginia Woolf in "The Hours" [2002]. Nicole Kidman has since continued to render magnificent performances that won her critical acclaim from film critics and fans alike. Her blockbuster movies include "Cold Mountain" [2003], "Birth" [2004], "The Invasion" [2006], "The Golden Compass" [2007], "Australia" [2008] and "Nine" [2009] to name a few. Hot Nicole Kidman, the extremely talented actress by virtue of her outstanding performances today ranks #6th on our list of Top Ten Hollywood Actresses.

Penelope Cruz – the Spanish beauty actress:
 Penelope Cruz is a beautiful Spanish actress who garnered multiple awards including the prestigious Goya Awards - the Spanish equivalent of Oscars - for her outstanding performances in Spanish movies such as "La nina de tus ojos" [The Girl of Your Dreams: 1998]. Her next Spanish film "Todo sobre mi madre" [All About My Mother: 1999] too put her on the roadmap to fame in a world of movies. After garnering fame and awards in Spanish movies, Penelope Cruz, the beautiful Spanish actress got a breakthrough in Hollywood movies in 1998 with "The Hi-Lo Country" and "The Man with Rain in His Shoes". Both movies received critical praise from the critics. Soon Penelope Cruz found herself flooded with roles in movies such as "All the Pretty Horses" and "Woman on Top" [both 2000 releases] and "Vanilla Sky" [2001]. She continued her success streak in movies which garnered Oscar honors for her - receiving a nomination for a Spanish movie "Volver" [To Return: 2006] and winning one for her outstanding performance "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" [2008]. Penelope Cruz's amazing performances in both Spanish and Hollywood movies notched her up the #7 ranking on the list of our Top Ten Hollywood Actresses.

Alyssa Milano - the charismatic Hollywood actress:
 Alyssa Milano, the Hollywood actress began her acting career at the tender age of seven. She first bagged a role on the first national tour of "Annie", a musical on Broadway in 1979 which set her on the road to fame in a world of movies and television. Alyssa Milano's first breakout role was in television sitcom "Who's the Boss?" [196 episodes: 1984-1992] that brought her huge fame. Alyssa later rendered brilliant performances in Hollywood movies like "Poison Ivy II: Lily" [1996], "The Blue Hour" [2007], "Pathology" [2008] and many more gaining more fame as a top league actress in Hollywood. Her recurring television dramas "Melrose Place"[40 episodes: 1997-1998] and "Charmed" [178 episodes: 1998-2006] have headlined the popularity charts of massive television audiences. Besides acting, hot Alyssa Milano is also a melodious singer who recorded albums that sold well in Japan. Hot Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano's terrific acting talents, her sensuous beauty and appealing charms have all earned her a place on the list of our Top Ten Hollywood Actresses ranking at #8. Alyssa Milano is still in the reckoning headlining several of her upcoming projects which her fans would surely love to wait for. 

Keira Knightley - the classic Hollywood actress:
Keira Knightley, the magnificent English actress rose to fame in Hollywood with her stellar performances in many of her Hollywood movies. Keira Knightley, the hot Hollywood actress began her acting career at the age of eight finding a spot on television play "Screen One" in 1993. Her breakout role came in 1999's blockbuster hit "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" in which she plays a handmaid who disguises herself as Queen Amidala. Continuing her sizzling performances in movies like "Bend It Like Beckham" [2002] and "Pirates of the Caribbean" series of movies, Keira Knightley went on to become the most sought after actress in Hollywood taking home the highest pay cheques. Keira's classic performance in "Pride & Prejudice" [2005] garnered an Oscar nomination while "Atonement" [2007] earned her a BAFTA nomination including two Golden Globe nominations for each. With a series of successful hits, Keira Knightley, the hot Hollywood actress is truly enjoying the kind of success that has become the envy of other Hollywood actresses. This elegant Hollywood actress truly deserves to be in the list of our ‘Top 10 Hollywood Actresses’ ranked at #9. 

Cameron Diaz – The Versatile Actress: 
Cameron Diaz, the strikingly beautiful actress first landed a breakout lead role in "The Mask" [1994]. She surprised everyone with her natural acting talents winning rave reviews for her performance in "The Mask". Honing up her acting talents further, Cameron Diaz made rapid strides in Hollywood with her scintillating comedic performances in smash hit movies "My Best Friend's Wedding" [1997] and "There's Something About Mary" [1998]. She has since never looked back and went on to deliver exhilarating performances in several blockbuster hits like "Charlie's Angels", "Being John Malkovich" [1999], "Vanilla Sky" [2001], "Gangs of New York" [2002], "In Her Shoes" [2005], "The Holiday" [2006] and "My Sister's Keeper" [2009] which have all earned her multiple awards. Continuing her success streak in Hollywood, this awesome actress is today headlining four of her upcoming projects that would further catapult her to the top slot in Hollywood movies. Elegant Cameron Diaz earns a place on the list of our ‘Top 10 Hollywood Actresses’ standing at #10.

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