A Harley-Davidson for Akshay from Twinkle on their anniversary

Despite Akshay Kumar’s Casanova image and despite the fact that marriages in Bollywood as a norm do not last long, Twinkle Khanna has managed to keep the reins of her marriage tightly in her hands with her love and dedication.
When they celebrated their tenth anniversary on January 17, Twinkle Khanna won over her husband’s heart by gifting him a custom-made Harley-Davidson shipped all the way from USA and costing over $7000 (almost R 3.5 lakh). The bike is in sexy maroon-and-chrome color and has specialized features.
Akshay is known for his love for bikes and had always dreamed of owning a customised high-end bike with a laidback, comfortable seat as he likes to ride with Aarav and Tina in the pillion. Not to mention, Akki was more than thrilled and immediately took Tina and Aarav out for a spin in Juhu.
Akshay is a safe driver and always wears his helmet and undertakes all the safety measures one requires for a safe ride.

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