SHAH RUKH KHAN (iamsrk) on Twitter

See the left widget for Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan's first clumsy steps into in his new virtual home, that is, his new Twitter home page: @iamsrk, created at 2:38am on January 3.
King Khan may be one of the most powerful actors in Indian cinema, but the 44 year-old had to be convinced by his friend, the media savvy film producer Karan Johar, to enter the Twitterverse. Nevertheless his awkward first foray into the virtual world has endeared him to thousands of fans immediately.

“It is really a very satisfying way of communicating with the world outside your immediate circle. I’ve been persuading all my friends to get on Twitter. Shahrukh finally relented. Within 24 hours he had 10,000 followers,” Johar told Times of India. And he confirmed on his Twitter page @Kjohar25, "for all those asking....yes!!! it is shahrukh on twitterverse...@iamsrk."
Other Bollywood celebrities active on Twitter are Gul Panag, Priyanka Chopra, Imran Khan and Abhishek Bachchan of which Gul Panag is the only one not chirping maxims about smiling and making the world a better place. Which is also why she made it to our 2009 Mumbai Hot List: 20 people to watch.

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