Aashayein Movie Reviews

The movie ‘Aashayein (2010)‘ is from the famous Bollywood director Nagesh Kukunoor. The movie Aashayein released wide on 13th August, 2010. The story of this movie is a dramatic one, with lots of suspense and a good climax.

The producer of this movie is Elahe Hiptoola and the screen writing is carefully done by the famous screen writer Nagesh Kukunoor. Without any doubt it’s easy to tell that Aashayein will be a mile stone on their career. Aashayein is lot more popular with great choreography.

Aashayein is a movie which is full of the famous stars in Bollywood. The main stars of this movie are John Abraham Rahul Singh, Prateeksha Lonkar, Shreyas Talpade and Anaitha Nair. For John Abraham this movie will be come back movie to Bollywood.

The story of this movie is a different one and it’s about Rahul Singh who wins Rs. 20 million form a bet and he throw a party to celebrate. Everyone had a good time for drinking and celebration Rahul then proposes to Nafisa. He announces their engagement and suddenly collapses down to the floor.

At the hospital he realizes that he has only 90 days to live. He become very sad and wanted to overcome it. He meets many people when he was in hospital, who adds color to his journey of 90 days.

This movie has got some popularity in India and this movie will be a super hit. The Movie has rated as the best one of this week by many websites. If you want to know more about on this movie just go and watch the trailers at youtube.com or at the movies official website aashayeinthefilm.com.

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