Khiladi Akshay to represent India at Winter Olympics

Bollywood’s Khiladi No. 1 Akshay Kumar feels privileged as well as nervous to run with the XXI Winter Olympics torch on Thursday in Canada. The XXI Winter Olympics are slated to start from on February 12,
2010 in which around 80 countries are participating. The competition includes eight sports, like ice hockey, figure skating and Alpine skiing. Last time in 2006, India had sent a team of four members to the competition held in Turin, Italy for sports luge, cross-country skiing and Alpine skiing, but India didn’t win any medal. So it seems like the pride of the nation is in Akshay’s hand this time.

When we wonder how an actor is chosen for the honour, Akshay explained, “I definitely didn’t get nominated because of my cricket skills. I may be a celebrity, but with great power comes even greater responsibility. I have put a lot of effort over the years supporting and being brand ambassador for the ‘Special Olympics’ in India. I would go to any lengths to promote sport in my country, my efforts have been appreciated worldwide, and I am touched that India shares my enthusiasm. To be honoured to carry the Olympic torch is so prestigious in every country; you can’t ask for this honour, you can only be recognised for your true love and dedication to children, to sport, to bettering your country’s involvement in the world. You can’t imagine how grateful I am. And how nervous as well!”

Akshay will be the only actor among 14 other international celebrities to run with the torch.

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