Problematic climax turns into ‘No Problem’

Anees Bazmee’s movie No Problem is shot elaborately in Durban, Cape Town and Mumbai. Everything was designed meticulously and finalized and executed with a lot of detailing. However, little mishaps cannot be avoided even after giving attention to minutest details.
In the climax scene, the entire cast is supposed to be frantically looking for lost diamonds when a bomb explodes. The explosion is to cause a huge fish tank filled with almost 60,000 litres of water to break! Being a one-shot climax scene, things were expected to go as intended.
But by chance the fish tank exploded with much greater force causing the water to rush out with immense force and flooding the whole set. A lot of equipments including the camera were damaged. Fortunately, the reel was saved and all was restored to normal soon enough. And thus to conclude, the scene was executed superbly!The problem turns into a No Problem!

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